Your tile flooring may look dull lately. The grout seems stained, and no matter what you do, it looks dirty–and you're getting sick of it!

Wait! Don't replace it because the tile can be refinished.

How refinishing tile flooring is done

We're not talking about just painting. First, the floors are cleaned; that's necessary so nothing can keep the new coating from sticking.

Then an acrylic coating is applied, which is dried to a hard finish. It will make the floors look new–but also easy to clean.   

New fast-drying grout is applied, and chips and scratches are repaired. For additional information, please seek the advice of the professionals at our tile store.

Routine care

Accidents will happen. Floors, especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen or bath, are prone to spills, dropped items, and other wear and tear.

Vacuum and dust several times a week, preferably daily. Dirt can dull tile glazing.

The general rule is to mop the bathroom floor once a week and the kitchen floor every other week. (You might adjust the schedule according to your lifestyle). 

Make sure you use a gentle cleaner and non-abrasive tools.

About grout

Grout is porous and absorbs dirt and other substances. So stay ahead as much as possible to keep your tile in Sacramento, CA, looking great.

Wipe and clean your tile flooring every few weeks. Several good commercial grout cleaners are on the market for tough stains, or you can create your own with a baking soda/water paste.  

Let it sit overnight, and scrub it with a stiff brush.

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Tile flooring looks as good in the living room or hallway as in the kitchen or bath. Mix and match pieces to create a unique design or price point.

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