Expect an easy installation with laminate flooring

Expect an easy installation with laminate flooring

Laminate is an affordable, attractive alternative to genuine wood. It has many advantages, one of them being easy installation. 

Many say the installation is as necessary as the product itself. We agree and give you tips on getting the most beautiful laminate flooring installation.

Fast and uncomplicated!

While it can be glued, the floors are often installed to float. Since the material is cut into planks and tile-sized pieces, they'll click together and mat.  

The mat then hovers over the subfloor without adhesives. Subfloors need only be clean, dry, and level. Underlayments are also used for a floating floor laminate installation.

The advantage of this method is that it's easy to pick the pieces up to move. In addition, while glue usually damages the edges, these can be picked up.

Acclimate when necessary

The original laminate needs acclimation. Waterproof laminate flooring does not.

That is because the original laminate contains wood in its composition. However, the waterproof laminate features a non-wood construction.

Wood can be damaged by excess water; it expands and contracts to adjust to temperature and humidity changes. 

When you acclimate, you align the wood's moisture levels with your climate. Even storage warehouses can have a very different climate from your home.

It's a simple pre-installation process; lie the planks side-by-side on the floor in the room where it's to be installed for three days. 

Keep the room climate controlled for the acclimation of laminate wood flooring. The temperature should be between 59 and 68 degrees F with a humidity level of 50-69%.

Installation only by a professional

The professionals know how to enhance beauty and performance, such as caulking joints or restoring the subfloor.  

The good news is that it's quick, which translates to a less expensive installation.

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