Nothing’s more elegant than natural stone flooring. It comes with many benefits, from durability and real estate value adding to low maintenance.

Natural stone flooring is also long-lasting. Regular maintenance will keep it shiny, maintain its natural patina, and protect it from damage.

Dry mop frequently

This is most important; try to do it every day. Sand and dirt are sharp, and their abrasiveness will scratch and harm these surfaces. 

Use a clean, non-treated dust mop, soft broom, or microfiber cloth. If you use a vacuum, turn off the beater bars–the rotating brushes that agitate dirt to make cleaning easier. They'll scratch or Pitt your travertine flooring–or marble, slate, etc.

Damp mop every week or two

Use a gentle, non-acidic cleaner with a soft scrubbing brush or well-wrung mop. Avoid overwatering, as it damages the stone's patina.

More natural stone flooring tips

  1. Never use lemon juice or vinegar to clean natural stone flooring. They are popular cleaners for some flooring but are too acidic for natural stone–and will cause damage.
Also, avoid multi-purpose cleaning products, which might contain bleach or ammonia.

  1. Blot spills immediately, so stains don’t set.
  2. Ask about sealing requirements. Some stones are more porous than others. Sealing also helps protect the stone from stains. Marble flooring, in particular, is susceptible to stains and damage; sealing provides an extra barrier that may protect it from everyday wear.
  3. Prevention is always better than cure! Place area rugs and mats strategically in high-traffic and spill-prone areas. They also provide more comfort when standing on this hard surface for any amount of time.

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