Installing hardwood flooring over particle board

Installing hardwood flooring over particle board

You've decided on a solid hardwood flooring installation but are concerned about installation. 

Your subfloor is a concrete slab, which can be damp.  

Should you use a particle board?

No! Solid wood flooring needs a robust and sturdy foundation. What you want is plywood, at least ¾-inch thick, or OSB.

Why plywood or OSB?

Solid wood floors can be damaged by excess water and moisture. And subfloor damage quickly travels up to the surface floor. That will affect both aesthetics and longevity.

The installer will take frequent moisture readings. They’ll also use plywood or OSB whenever there’s a chance a subfloor will change the room’s moisture content.

Solid hardwood floors look and perform their best when the subfloor is in good shape. 

Why particle board doesn't work well

Sometimes also referred to as a chipboard, the particle board looks a little like oatmeal. It's composed of small wood particles that are glued into 4-inch X 8-inch sheets.

It won't support the planks and will create more problems. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Hardwood’s two versions

Solid / consists of one slab throughout. Although They're easy to care for, water/moisture issues exist. So, wipe spills immediately!

Your engineered wood flooring in Sacramento, CA, looks similar on the surface; you have your species of choice, undertones, knots, grains, textures, etc.

The only difference is the construction underneath. That results in a more stable floor that is better able to handle water.  

Since it doesn't have severe water issues, any subfloor is acceptable. All it needs is to be clean, dry, and level. 

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