Not only do countertops have to look great, often becoming a central focal point, but they also have to provide adequate space for meal preparation and storage, and they do that job beautifully. Here's what's up in 2022 regarding countertops in Sacramento, CA.

Quartz countertops: Always popular

A quartz countertop may be for you with its contemporary style, upscale look, and easy care. Mother Nature gets a little help with these beauties with a small amount of resin that makes them even stronger, completely non-porous, without needing sealing, and low maintenance. Oils, liquids, such as juice, tomato, coffee, and food bits can't penetrate, resulting in a bacteria-free environment.

Granite countertops: the hardest rock

Just the word "granite" evokes thoughts of luxury. It is, after all, the preferred choice for countertops in Sacramento, CA. Every granite slab is unique. While different slabs may have the same primary color, the individual veinings are always different. Granite countertops are scratch and dent resistant and stand up to heat (in fact, you can even place a hot pan on it with no consequence). When sealed, it becomes completely non-porous.

Industrial chic, hexagons, rustic, biophilia, textures, and finishes

Concrete is big this year, so look at Armstrong's "Concrete Chic" collection of tiles. Want a hexagon pattern? Check out Daltile's Beehive. MSI's Brickstone has a raised, almost three-dimensional look, while Emser's "Chemistry" has an earthy look that fits so well with the trend toward organic, natural decor. All of these, by the way, are in our inventory.

Surface design is an artwork; texture and finish add visual interest, putting the finishing touch on decor. The most popular ones for 2022 are wood and stone looks, leather, encaustic styles, glazed, tumbled, honed, polished glossy, and matte.

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