Choosing kitchen countertops is always challenging. Not only do they need to be both functional and aesthetic. After all, it's the counter that often makes for a focal point.

And many homeowners opt for engineered quartz. Like natural quartz, they come in various colors ranging from white to gray, cream, brown, and black; they often come with marble-like veining patterns and mirror chips that reflect light and make them sparkle.

Completely nonporous

A tiny bit of resin–10% or less–makes them highly sanitary. Quartz countertops don't harbor bacteria, germs, or food particles and spills. So, they don't need sealing like many other stones.

Extreme durability

These counters are practically indestructible. Quartz countertops are also resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. In unlikely cases of scratches, they can often be buffed out with polish or filled in with an epoxy filler. 

To quote an old but true cliche–prevention is better than cure, so use cutting boards and avoid metal utensils.

Easy maintenance

Well, the resin makes them ultra-easy to keep clean. They usually need only warm water and mild soap. Non-abrasive–and manufacturer-approved cleaners can take care of stubborn spills. 

Avoid abrasive tools and bleach-based cleaners. These don't need polishing; a gentle cleaning will maintain that shine on your countertops in Sacramento, CA. 

Remember that some finishes and colors can be more sensitive to grease or fingerprints. That said, your kitchen countertops may require a little TLC during routine cleaning.

Should you have any questions, always seek the advice of your countertops expert!

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