We hear this question a lot.

Both porcelain and ceramic pieces fall under the general category of “ceramics,” so people tend to use the words interchangeably.

That is a matter of branding and marketing, however, and it isn’t the case when it comes to structure, composition and installation.
Porcelain: unbreakable strongman
This is the tile flooring you’d want in your Sacramento kitchen.

Let’s face it: We heap on the punishment when it comes to the kitchen, what with dropped pots and pans, running pets and kids, toppled water dishes, and heavy foot traffic.

Porcelain is made from a denser clay which makes it heavier, harder, more durable and less porous. It just doesn’t absorb liquid. A little pricier than ceramic, porcelain is almost impossible to break and, therefore, should only be cut by an experienced professional.

You might also consider porcelain tile flooring for the foyer, or other places where you can get a lot of wear and tear. Since black and white, or the desert motif, are both popular for Sacramento homes, it can make a stunning design statement.
Ceramic tile flooring is perfect for your Sacramento bath
Ceramic is thinner and, as long as it is glazed, it is waterproof. It is best for rooms that get minimal, shoe-less traffic.

There is some debate and conflicting opinion about whether it can be installed outside. While Sacramento doesn’t really get snow, it has been known to happen, and there are always several days (especially in January) when it gets close to freezing. That said, a few freeze-thaw cycles, and it might crack.

More affordable than porcelain, it is also easier to cut manually.
Interior or exterior installation, that is the question
Slate or marble, both natural stones, up level your home, adding both architectural interest and ultimate durability. Since stone tends to be porous, be sure to glaze it, especially if you install inside.

These two close relatives of tile do have superior performance as outdoor flooring, whether you want to create a gorgeous path that leads up to your house, or install it on steps, columns, or even use it as a garden decor.

For more inspiration, visit the Palm Tile and Stone Gallery showroom in Sacramento, CA.