Warm, earthy tones are big this year, and that's why people are gravitating toward limestone, slate, and travertine. Earth-tone stone flooring is classic and works with most interior design plans, from traditional to contemporary, urban, and even industrial.

The five most common types of stone flooring

1. Granite. This may be the most sought-after for both floors and countertops. Often referred to as the hardest rock, it is non-porous, comes in various colors, and is resistant to scratches and heat damage.

2. Slate: This stone comes in dark gray or red or muted green shades, with earthy undertones that give it a rustic appearance. Slate is also ideal for outdoor floorings, such as patios, decks, and pools.

3. Travertine: This has warm beige and white shades that offer a rustic and vintage look.

4. Marble: Just the word itself evokes feelings of luxury with unique veinings streaks and clouds and translucent quality.

5. Limestone: This stone has neutral, earthy colors and a smooth surface. It is often also used outdoors as pavers.

This is a brief list, but to learn more or explore our inventory, be sure to check us out when you are shopping for stone tile in Sacramento, CA.

Why 16x16 stone tile?

That's the typical size for a paver or flagstone used for a walk or pathway outside. Patios are big, too, since it's a way to expand the house without increasing the price tag. Whether or not you plan to sell or stay, these are terrific ways to add curb appeal and architectural interest.

A little bit of nature

Someone recently asked a designer how they can add some elements of nature to their decor. One of the answers was to use stone as an accent, whether on window sills, backsplashes, stair risers, or wherever your imagination takes you. It's also in line with another trend, to incorporate more veining, which is a terrific way to add some pops of color to your house.

When exploring stone flooring, ask us about sealing. While some rocks are non-porous, others have varying degrees of porosity; sealing makes it easier to clean. We look forward to seeing you at the Palm Tile & Stone Gallery in Sacramento, CA, especially if you live and work in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Eldorado Hills, and Elk Grove. Also, ask about our free quotes.