Everyone could benefit from having waterproof flooring, no matter where they live. Here are three reasons why you should consider waterproof floors. 

Handling everything from large leaks to small spills

Mother Nature isn't always responsible here. Air conditioners leak, chimney flashing crumbles, dishwashers flood, and pipes leak.

We also lead busy lives that require us to multitask. So, it's not unusual to drop and spill in bedrooms or family and living areas. Suddenly, these aren't such a big deal.

Ultra durability

Waterproof vinyl flooring is so strong it's even graded for commercial use. It's also constructed with WPC or SPC cores that never peel and ripple.

Waterproof vinyl flooring provides moisture protection– forever.

Offering style

The floors have images of wood, stone, and tile taken digitally. They're clear, accurate, and vibrant–with knots, grains, color and veining variations, etc.

Waterproof flooring comes with depth, dimension, and textured looks. The material is cut into planks to mimic hardwood floorboards or square, tile-sized pieces, mainly for stone and tile looks.

Check out the wood looks like Briarcliff Sun Bleached Oak by RevWood Select, or marble and stone looks like Trecento Calacatta by MSI.

More about cores

Cores are the foundation of any floor. Therefore, the entire floor usually needs replacement when the core becomes damaged.

These waterproof floors come with wood plastic composite (WPC) or stone plastic composite (SPC) cores; they handle any amount of water at any time.  

They both offer the same level of moisture protection. WPC, however, is softer and more flexible, while SPC is solid and rigid, like a hard surface.

The product is low maintenance, requiring only regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Installation, too, is uncomplicated.

Why Sacramento area homeowners love this flooring source

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