Tile flooring makes a stunning design statement. Tile comes in an almost unlimited number of styles, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. 

You can mix and match to create distinctive styles or various price points.

Here’s what’s popular this year.

The black and white checkerboard

Want a retro look of a 1950s diner? Go traditional black and white pattern.

Or go bold or more subtle. Alternating colors can also contrast or complement your space.

This classic design utilizes various colors, shapes, and sizes. It adds a gorgeous, distinctive touch to any space.

Floor as art

Walk into our tile store and see Barcelona by Porcelanosa or Kenzii by MSI. The point: tiles make a distinctive statement in the home, just like any piece of art. 

Textured tiles

Textures can be rustic, like American Olean's Historic Bridge. Or they can be more subtle or rugged, such as Daltile's Ironcraft, which captures the industrial artisan atmosphere.  

Colors that bring the outdoors in

Enter blue, green, and neutral palettes! So, naturally, anything that reminds us of nature is widespread. 

Other popular tile flooring trends

Wood and stone look; large format tiles, unusual shapes, etc. Feel free to come into our showroom when shopping for tile in Sacramento, CA.  

About inkjet technology

Tile flooring
manufacturers can create realistic simulations of genuine materials. These include marble, stone, encaustic styles, etc.

In the past, tiles were hand-painted. This was a long, slow, and not very accurate process. Inkjet is like a computer printer; four jets spew colors simultaneously.

Visit our tile store for your tile flooring needs

Tile flooring is art for your floor. It looks just as beautiful in the living room as in the kitchen. And the professionals at Palm Tile & Stone Gallery will show you how to create a flooring masterpiece.

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