If you choose wood flooring in Sacramento, CA, you might want to know which species are local. The good news is that this area has some fantastic local hardwood flooring options.

Local wood is more sustainable and easier to get. And you'll appreciate having materials from your home's area.

Local woods near the Sacramento, CA area

1. Oak
- There are several oak varieties in California, including black oak, white oak, and more. These are commonly used for wood floors and hold stains very well

2. Alder
- Alder offers beautiful, rustic colors and glass-smooth wood floors.

3. Tanoak
- This is not a natural oak but an evergreen related to oak and chestnut. It's harder to use for flooring as it's hard to dry.

4. Claro Walnut
- Known for deep, rich, and marbled palettes for unsurpassed color. 

5. Big Leaf Maple
- These materials are easy to find and offer beautiful dark tan color schemes. It's a light wood that also features a high density.

Benefits of sourcing local hardwood flooring

One of the most important benefits is the reduction of your carbon footprint. But local hardwood flooring also helps to strengthen your local economy, which is more important than ever before.

Considering these and other native species, take in all their benefits. Then, you may find your perfect wood floors.

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