Waterproof flooring in Sacramento, CA from Palm Tile & Stone Gallery

Why does the "core" matter with waterproof flooring?

When choosing waterproof flooring, you'll hear lots of talk about the core. This layer helps ensure complete protection from water damage in every room.

But why does the core matter so much? That's an important question that deserves an answer for your shopping convenience.

What are the core components?

There are two primary types of luxury vinyl core materials. And each one offers a rigid construction for better stability and performance.

The first is wood plastic composite (WPC), which contains many ingredients. Wood flour, plasticizers, and polyvinyl chloride are a few of them.

The next is stone plastic composite (SPC) waterproof flooring, which contains up to 60% limestone. It acts very much like WPC, with a more rigid feel underfoot.

The importance of a core layer

Vinyl is, by nature, a waterproof material. The core is added so that the flooring won't take on damage if water seeps beneath the surface.

But it also works to add stability and resilience, especially with underpadding. As the layers come together, you'll have complete confidence in your waterproofing.

You'll also be able to enjoy the stunning visuals these floors have to offer. Wood, stone, and tile looks are easy to find in waterproof laminate flooring and waterproof vinyl flooring.

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