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Can every tile be used as flooring?

No, because tile has different strength and absorption levels. Some are meant only for walls because they're thinner, more slippery, and cannot withstand the weight of foot traffic. While tile flooring can add sophistication, style, and value to your home, it's essential to get the right type for your project.

Double-check the label

Here, you will see categories set by the Porcelain and Enamel Institute. This is a one-to-five numbering system, and, as the numbers increase, so do the strength and absorption levels. So, for example, a PEI 1 tile is meant for walls, while PEI 3 is suitable for indoor floors, counters, backsplashes, etc.  

About porcelain tiles

This is heavy, denser, and waterproof whether or not it's glazed. You can use porcelain tiles indoors or out on floors, walls, and tub/shower areas. It is highly designed and comes in countless colors and patterns.

This large-format can be made to look like anything, even fabric and leather. It's also usually the preferred choice for wood or stone looks.

Ceramic tile: Not just the 4 X 4 square

We see ceramic tiles both on floors and walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, shower walls, and more. They are thinner but, when glazed, become waterproof and have a hard outer coating that makes them almost impossible to crack. These are best for indoor moderately busy floors.


Another type of ceramic is the mosaic, tiny, often glass-coated, highly decorative, and durable. These ceramics trend for bathroom floors because of their style and the many grout lines, which help to enhance traffic.


Terracotta bricks have, until recently, been used mainly outdoors. However, they're coming inside because their beautiful reddish-brown color works well with the rustic decor trend. 

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