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Herringbone patterns to light colors: hardwood flooring trends

Wood floors are timeless with classic appeal. They are also updated from time to time to match decor trends, including farmhouse, coastal, mid-century, etc.

Wood floor textures

1. Wire-brushed is typically done with a thin steel brush that scrapes the outer part of the plank. It's subtle but has more character than a smooth surface.

2. Hand scraped, giving the surface a unique, hand-crafted, and expensive look.

3. Distressed, making wood floors look aged, like reclaimed or barn door wood.

Other hardwood flooring trends include:

1. Light colors and cool undertones, including blond, gray, greige, whitewashed, etc.

2. Wide planks: They're traditional but modern with the right furnishings. While they can make a small room look cluttered, they can also visually enlarge a room because it has fewer seams, i.e., visual breaks.

3. Engineered wood floors: These are versions of hardwood flooring that, unlike solid, are more stable and better able to handle water.

4. Fumed or smoked wood: With a darker color and gray undertone, the wood floors will have a combination of sleek, modern, and vintage chic looks.

5. Patterns and unique layouts: Herringbone, chevron, random width, etc.

6. European white oak has cooler undertones than American white oak, which looks pinkish. The grain pattern has more variation than the American version straight one and smaller growth rings. Both European and American white oak is strong, easy to work with, and a popular choice among designers and architects.

7. Satin and matte finish: Gloss is out this year! A good compromise is the satin finish, as it adds a little shine without being too overwhelming.

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