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Marble by MSI Stone


Color: Crema Marfil - 4x4 Brushed

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Additional colors

Marble Emperador Light - 4X4 Tumbled
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 12X12 Polished
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 12X12 Honed
Marble Rain Forest - Misc Honed
Marble Rain Forest - 6X6 Brushed
Marble Rain Forest - 4X4 Tumbled
Marble Rain Forest - 4X4 Polished
Marble Rain Forest - 3X6 Tumbled
Marble Rain Forest - 3X3 Tumbled
Marble Rain Forest - 12X12 Honed
Marble Rain Forest - 12X12 Polished
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 12X24 Polished
Marble Emperador Light - 4X4 Brushed
Marble Emperador Light - 18X18 Polished
Marble Emperador Light - 12X24 Polished
Marble Emperador Light - 12X12 Polished
Marble Emperador Dark - 6X6 Tumbled
Marble Emperador Dark - 4X4 Tumbled
Marble Emperador Dark - 3X6 Tumbled
Marble Emperador Dark - 18X18 Polished
Marble Emperador Dark - 12X24 Polished
Marble Emperador Dark - 12X12 Polished
Marble Tundra Gray - 18X18 Polished
Marble White Oak - 6X24 Honed
Marble White Oak - 18X36 Polished
Marble White Oak - 18X36 Honed
Marble White Oak - 12X24 Polished
Marble White Oak - 12X24 Honed
Marble White Oak - 4X12 Honed
Marble White Oak - 3X6 Honed
Marble Tundra Gray - 6X6 Polished
Marble Tundra Gray - 4X12 Polished
Marble Tundra Gray - 3X6 Polished
Marble Emperador Dark - 4X4 Brushed
Marble Tundra Gray - 12X24 Polished
Marble Tundra Gray - 12X12 Polished
Marble Crema Cappuccino - Pattern Honed
Marble Crema Cappuccino - Pattern Brushed
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 24X24 Polished
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 24X24 Honed
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 18X18 Polished
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 18X18 Honed
Marble Crema Cappuccino - 18X18 Brushed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 4X4 Honed
Marble Calacatta Gold - 12X12 Polished
Marble Calacatta Gold - 24X24 Polished
Marble Calacatta Gold - 18X18 Honed
Marble Calacatta Gold - 18X18 Polished
Marble Calacatta Gold - 12X24 Honed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 6X12 Honed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 6X12 Polished
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 6X6 Honed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 6X24
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 4X4 Tumbled
Marble Calacatta Gold - 12X12 Honed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 4X12 Honed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 3X6 Honed
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 24X24 Polished
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 18X36 Polished
Marble Arabescato Carrara - 18X18 Polished

Additional colors



White Oak marble features a natural linear pattern reminiscent of fine hardwood oak. This natural stone collection features soft white and gray tones in a wide array of finishes, patterns, and sizes to allow for the creation of exquisite interior projects. Use polished or honed slabs to create gorgeous marble countertops, kitchen islands, marble tile floors, and accent walls.

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BrandMSI Stone
Product Line NameMarble
Color Name Crema Marfil - 4x4 Brushed
Width 4"
Length 4"
Material Marble
Application Residential; Commercial; Flooring
Color Tones Beiges / Browns