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Quartzite by MSI Stone


Color: Golden White - Pattern Gauged

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Additional colors

Quartzite Golden White - 24X24 Gauged
Quartzite Ostrich Grey - 24X24
Quartzite Ostrich Grey - 16X16 Polished
Quartzite Ostrich Grey - 16X16 Honed
Quartzite Ostrich Grey - 12X24 Honed
Quartzite Ostrich Grey - 12X12 Polished
Quartzite Ostrich Grey - 12X12 Honed
Quartzite Golden White - Pattern Gauged
Quartzite Golden White - 6X6 Gauged
Quartzite Golden White - 4X4 Gauged
Quartzite Copper - 12X12 Honed
Quartzite Golden White - 18X18 Gauged
Quartzite Golden White - 16X24 Gauged
Quartzite Golden White - 16X16 Gauged
Quartzite Golden White - 12X24 Gauged
Quartzite Golden White - 12X12 Gauged
Quartzite Copper - 16X16 Polished
Quartzite Copper - 16X16 Honed
Quartzite Copper - 12X12 Polished

Additional colors



Hailing from the far corners of India, Ostrich Grey Quartzite is rich with grays and subtle veins. It is available in a wide variety of tile sizes, mosaics, and slabs, and is recommended for residential and commercial properties, including floors, countertops, and walls. Create a dramatic, sultry look with this gorgeous collection of quartzite.

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BrandMSI Stone
Product Line NameQuartzite
Color Name Golden White - Pattern Gauged
Application Residential; Commercial; Flooring
Color Tones Golds / Yellows