Tile flooring installation in a Sacramento, CA home

Does tile flooring keep a room colder?

You may have heard that tile flooring can keep a room colder, and there is some truth to that fact. While the materials themselves do not heat or cool on their own, they do retain the temperature inside your home longer, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Here's what tile flooring does

Since there are no heating or cooling capabilities in tile floors alone, what you feel is the ambiance of the retained temperature. Whatever temperature you have your air or heating set to will invariably be transmitted to and retained by the tile materials.

If you have your air running in the summer, you will find the area stays cooler because the tile stays colder once the temperatures drop. This can be a valuable benefit that can even save you money over time, as your air may not have to run nearly as long to keep the room colder longer.

If you want the coziness and cool comfort this material line brings, you also want a touch of softness here and there; you can utilize area rugs or runners and still get the same benefit. To find out even more about how these floors help keep you cool, be sure to visit us when you’re in the area.

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