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Is natural gray hardwood flooring possible?

Gray hardwood flooring is a significant trend and one that many homeowners choose. Staining and painting are common ways to achieve this popular look.

But we also offer a natural gray color. So, here are some facts in answer to that question.

Indian Silver Greywood

This wood ranges from yellow to brown with gray, yellow, and olive tones throughout. Veins are often dark brown and very distinguished from the heartwood.

These wood floors are easy to work with and include moderate durability on an excellent lifespan. Availability may vary in North America.

Staining wood for the perfect gray

Wood floors
with natural gray colors are few and far between; staining is a great way to achieve the look you want and need. You'll find lights, darks, and everything between, for results you'll love.

Ask about trending hues and how they will work with your decor and design scheme. There's something for everyone in this look, so browse until you find yours.

What does gray do for your decor?

Besides being a trending choice, light gray woods help create a larger look. Rooms will look and feel bigger and brighter with this color scheme.

This hardwood flooring tone is also easier to clean, hiding dirt, dust, and debris. You'll find it's easier to keep a neat look if you choose the proper gray coloration.

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