Natural stone flooring in Sacramento, CA from Palm Tile & Stone Gallery

What to know about natural stone and tile flooring

Flooring sets the tone of a room, and natural stone and ceramic tiles are two of the most common. Both are stylishly sophisticated, add value to a property, and are durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Sometimes it can be hard to determine which is better for your remodeling, so here are some tips to help you understand the difference between tile and stone floors.

Natural stone vs. ceramic tile

Natural stone tiles come from the quarry, where slabs are cut into squares for installation on floors, walls, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, patios, decks, or sunrooms. Stone floors offer a feeling of luxury and opulence to a room.

Mother Nature

Natural stone flooring comes from the earth, and, like anything Mother Nature has created, each slab is different with color and veining variations. Colors range from white to beige and earth tones with pops of hues like green, black, gray, green, or red.

What to know about ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are fired with glazed clay, a more cost-effective design option. There are different types of ceramics, which may also contain sand or glass in the composition. They come in an unlimited number of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Ceramic tiles are durable waterproof, porcelain ceramic tiles can be used indoors or out.


These tiles run from the 4 X 4 squares to the large format porcelain. Ceramics also include glass-coated mosaics, terracotta bricks, and subway tiles.

Natural stone flooring requires sealing to close the pores and make cleaning easier. Except for terracotta bricks, most ceramic tiles don't need it, but some will choose to seal the grout.


As for durability, we carry some of the hardest rocks, including granite and travertine tile. Ceramic tile has different hardness categories set by the Porcelain and Enamel Institute; look for a PEI of three or higher for the most durability.

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