Do granite countertops increase your home’s value?

Do granite countertops increase your home’s value?

Yes, granite countertops will increase your property values. However, they are also beautiful, long-lasting, classic, and energy-saving, making them one of the smartest investments.

When there are high-end materials, such as countertops made of granite, they're sure to appeal to prospective buyers. They might even pay more for a home with these materials.

All of that combined adds up to one big boost in home values!

Granite’s 5-star style

A timeless granite countertop always gives an atmosphere of luxury and elegance—these work for almost any decor, from a farmhouse to an opulent mansion. 

These kitchen countertops are usually in slab form and installed by a professional fabricator. Each slab is unique, with its distinctive coloring, veinings, streak, and dots. This means you'll never see your countertop in anyone else's home.

A range of colors

Veining colors range from black and white to pink, red, blue, green, and more. When both the background and veining are white, granite can even look like marble. 

Bottom line: combine them with a distinctive backsplash for a stunning focal point.

The “hardest rock”

Granite is made from quartz and feldspar, which is tougher than steel. This makes your countertops in Sacramento, CA, resistant to dropped pans, scratches, heat, and chips.

Granite is the second hardest rock in the world–just behind the diamond! As strong as it is, you should still use cutting boards. Sharp knives and cleavers can damage the granite. 

Protect your investment! If installed properly, your granite counters will last for decades.

Easy to clean

Granite is somewhat porous, requiring regular sealing to make cleaning easier. Again, seek the advice of your stone expert.

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