Is hardwood flooring a good choice for my kitchen?

Is hardwood flooring a good choice for my kitchen?

Kitchens are often the centerpiece of the house. It's not unusual to want something with a lot of allure, like hardwood flooring.

However, kitchens are also wet places, making solid hardwood a no-no to install in that room. You can install the engineered version, however.

Why solid wood is not recommended for kitchens

Solid wood, one thickness throughout, can be damaged by excess water. It also moves to adjust to the temperature, expanding when the air is humid and shrinking when it's dry.

As a result, it can warp, cup, crown, and gap. It's not recommended for any high moisture areas, including below-grade rooms.

Engineered hardwood: similar in appearance, different in construction

You'll still have natural beauty with engineered wood flooring. The top veneer layer is constructed of oak, walnut– or whatever your species of choice.

The woods are all available in different colors. Of course, you'll see all the knots, raised grains, and undertones that we've all come to expect with wood floors. Textures include brushed, among others.

The only difference is underneath. Genuine wood is combined with a bit of resin to form layers which are then placed in a crosswise position.

As a result, this wood can be placed in some higher-than-normal moisture areas. As a result, it appeals to people who want beauty and practicality–and it's taking a large share of the wood flooring industry.

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