Laminate flooring in Sacramento, CA from Palm Tile & Stone Gallery

Shopping for laminate flooring: What to consider

Laminate flooring has long been considered a great, affordable alternative to genuine wood, and it's only getting better. Thanks to technological advances, we're seeing enhanced graphics, better seaming, and deeper embossing.

Remember, it's not all the same, however, and that will impact both the appearance and performance of your remodeling. Here are some tips to help you get the best.

Explore your lifestyle with laminate

Do this before you even step into the store. Every type of laminate is rated on the level of durability.

If you have kids, pets, and heavy foot traffic, you might need a stronger one than a quiet one for a one or two-person family. Also, know that some product is meant only for installation on walls, so be sure you choose one specifically for flooring.

Buy the thickest your wallet will allow 

While it comes in a range of thicknesses, a more robust laminate flooring will be more durable, quieter, offer more design options, and hide subfloor imperfections better.  

Wear layers should be measured separately. The strongest for residential use is 20-mils.

Think about the room in which it’s to be installed

Is it small, dark, sunny, bright? These questions will help you determine colors, patterns, and textures. Describe the room to us so you can make the right choice for your home when buying laminate flooring in Sacramento, CA.

What’s your house’s overall style?

While nothing needs to be a complete match, you still want a cohesive look. So, make sure it coordinates, paying particular attention to transition spaces.

Call us for laminate flooring in Sacramento, CA

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