Natural Stone Flooring in Sacramento, CA from Palm Tile & Stone Gallery

Three tips for successful natural stone flooring

Natural stone flooring is a highly sought-after material, especially if you need a long-lasting floor covering. With professional installation and regular care, these floors will surpass 100 years.

Considering these floors for your home, it's worth the time to learn more about what these products offer. Here are three tips to get the most from natural stone in your home.

1. Choose the best product for your specific needs

Every homeowner's need is different, and so is every natural stone type. However, there will surely be a few stone floor tiles that will serve you better than all the rest.

To ensure the best flooring, compare the products you find with your specific requirements and preferences. This way, you'll know you've found the perfect flooring to serve you well.

2. Consider the benefits of each stone type

You'll find different characteristics in each stone flooring type, including visuals and performance options. For instance, some stones need sealing, and others don't.

Some benefits may be more important than others, such as how quartz is flatter than natural stones. You'll want to consider each option in person, like travertine tile and others.

3. Always choose professional installation

Professional installation is necessary for the best performance in natural stone flooring. It even ensures a subpar installation won't void your warranty.

Once you choose the best materials, we’ll give you all the installation information. And if you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Enjoy the product options available in our showroom

When you choose Palm Tile & Stone Gallery, you'll find we offer an exceptional selection of flooring materials. But we also provide the services that go with them, including experienced professional installation for your complete peace of mind.

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