Where to buy natural stone flooring

Where to buy natural stone flooring

Sometimes deciding where to buy can be more overwhelming than deciding on the product itself! And natural stone flooring is certainly no exception.

It’s stylish, adds value to a property–and you don’t have to replace it prematurely.  

Knowledgeable staff is required!

Choosing the product is only one part of the process. In addition, you need best practice information on installation, fabrication, and routine maintenance.  

For example, did you know vinegar, a popular cleaner, can severely damage natural stone flooring? Do you know about sealing requirements? 

Big-box stores are popular after-school workplaces. Sorry, but these kids don't have the knowledge you need.  

Large inventory, major brands

In our showroom, you'll see an unusual p/natural-stone design called Tuscany by MIR Mosaic. 

You'll also see Stacked Stone by Daltile.

With a large chain, vendors usually dictate what's on display. But, unfortunately, that's limited to top-selling products.

So, it’s a myth that large chains translate to large inventory. When you want something a little different, the local stores are best. And if they don't have it, they'll order it for you.

Other benefits of natural stone flooring include:

1.Durability. It stands up to spills, stains, and high traffic, making travertine flooring or another stone ideal for kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms. It lasts for decades!

That is all the more reason to buy from a knowledgeable person. You need to have these things explained!

2.Hypoallergenic. Much of that dovetails with stone’s easy maintenance. Spills and drops can be wiped or vacuumed.

It’s unable to hold allergens, pollutants, and other triggers.

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